Here is the list of the various releases coming out in April. I’ll continue to update this page, so check back soon. 

05-April   Expø - Blind Spøts [LP]
06-April   The 1969 Club - Ivory [EP]
07-April   ALB - Come Out! It’s Beautiful [LP]
07-April   Fragments - Landscapes [EP]
07-April   Gush - Mira [LP]
07-April   Rone - Apache [EP]
07-April   You And You - Keep It Safe [LP]
08-April   Blondstone - Mass Solace [LP]
14-April   Dead Horse One - Without Love We Perish [LP]
14-April   Miossec - Ici-Bas, Ici Même [LP]
14-April   Schlauberg - Légendes Locales [EP]
14-April   The Breeze - Riviera [EP]
14-April   Uppermost - Evolution [LP]
15-April   Everydayz - Né sous le sun [EP]
18-April   Casablanca Drivers - 2002 Pizza [EP]
21-April   Constance Amiot - 12ème Parallèle [LP]
21-April   Equateur - The Lava [EP]
21-April   SALM - Endless Stairs [LP]
21-April   Sophie Delila - My Life Could Use A Remix [LP]
22-April   Kid Francescoli - With Julia [LP]
22-April   The One Armed Man - Black Hills [LP]
28-April   Blue Box - Afterglow [EP]
28-April   Danger - July 2013 [EP]
28-April   Léonie Pernet - Two Of Us [EP]
28-April   Nameless - Portrait [EP]
28-April   Principles Of Geometry - Meanstream [LP]
28-April   Sir Alice - Sakura [EP]
28-April   Totorro - Home Alone [LP]

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Artist : Rone
Song : Parade
Album : Tohu Bohu [2012]

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From his new album released yesterday.

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Here are the most popular songs posted on my blog in February : 

  1. Daft Punk : Digital Love
  2. Kavinsky : Roadgame
  3. Yann Tiersen : Mary
  4. Rover : Queen Of The Fools
  5. Lady & Bird : The Ballade Of Lady and Bird
  6. Françoise Hardy : Il n’y a pas d’Amour Heureux 
  7. Alice Lewis : Après la pluie [I posted the english version too, but you definitely prefer the french one!]
  8. Slove : Flash
  9. Rone : Nakt
  10. The Last Morning Soundtrack : Heartbeats & Headache

and my 3 personal favorites of the month :

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Artist : Rone
Song : Nakt
Album : So So So - EP [2011]



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